Co-creating Electric Excellence


eFlow Hub is a cluster of expertise and a business network in battery technology and electric mobility. It welcomes all actors that advance sustainably the deployment and exploitation of smart battery technologies and emobility. We connect people and organizations to co-create electric excellence.   

Powered by Turku Science Park Oy and Yrityssalo Oy, in close cooperation with Prizztech Oy and Pori region. 

Our vision

At the global level, there is a need to slow down climate change. Electrification of mobility is seen as a way to reduce CO2 emissions. Europe needs to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and it needs to build its own battery industry. 

Finland’s low-carbon strategy goal is to keep Finnish industry internationally competitive and support their ability to utilize and develop battery technologies. In the southwest Finland, there is a need to increase the battery technology presence. 

The vision of eFlow-Hub is to promote e-mobility and battery technologies potential and opportunities to companies in the region and to create a nationally significant center of expertise for business development. 


21.11.2022 News

eFlow Hub partners in spotlight – Enerqo Finland Oy

Our articles present the companies of the eFlow Hub cluster continues. Today we have Enerqo Finland Oy in spotlight! Enerqo…