eFlow Hub partners in spotlight – Top Analytica Oy Ab

Our articles presenting the companies of the eFlow Hub cluster continues. This time we present Top Analytica Oy Ab.

28.02.2022 News

Top Analytica is a contract research company providing high quality research and analytical services for industrial companies and research facilities. The company has a wide range of analysis equipment and a long experience in materials research in the entire industry scale. Top Analytica works together with paper, chemical, electronics, steel, and pharmaceutical companies.

Laboratory equipment of Top Analytica consists of various spectroscopical and microscopical devices and used methods are suitable for micro and nano imaging, measuring elemental compositions as well as identifying molecular structures and bonds.

Top Analytica was established 2001 and employees now 10 professionals. Turnover is 820 000 euros.
Our questions were answered by CEO Ville Saarimaa.

How do you see the future of battery technology / electric mobility?
The future looks bright as companies and researchers are looking for more sustainable technologies all the time. However, there is still a lot to do on the way. Because of e.g., limited resources we can´t rely on just one technology but need to explore and adopt multiple different technologies.

Which are the strengths of Finland and Southwest Finland in this sector?
High expertise in the area in everything from research & development to production. There are multiple companies working in the sector.

How could eFlow Hub cluster accelerate the competitiveness of Finland / Southwest Finland in the industry?
By bringing together different companies and research groups together that might not otherwise co-operate. Together we can work smarter and faster.

What kind of co-operation opportunities and partners are you interested in?
Companies that look for partners or co-operation in research, quality control or any other area that needs top notch surface and materials analysis.

Something else you would like to inform in this short company presentation?
Our team of experts is made of physicists, chemists, and engineers. Together we have a broad knowledge base and experience in a wide range of different materials and analysis methods.