eFlow Hub partners in spotlight – L7 Drive

In this series we present companies and other organisations involved in eFlowHub. This is the fourth article, presenting L7 Drive Ltd.

23.09.2021 News

L7 Drive Ltd. was established 2011. It is a volume product company whose core idea is completely new way of building high power lithium battery systems using only parallel connected cells.  L7 Drive is rewriting the design principles of modern smart battery backup solutions.

The turnover of L7 Drive was in the year 2020 only 30 000 euros, but this year it is expected to rise to 400 000 euros. L7 Drive has four own employed and in addition also outsourced staff.

The key partners & co-founders of the company are VP Mika Koskimies, COO Pasi Haikola, CTO Daniel Salonen and CEO Pentti Bruun. Mr. Bruun answered our questions.

How do you see the future of battery technology / electric mobility?

Bright future for sustainable and green technologies. Both in battery technology and electric mobility you can do business by burden nature more or less. In Finland we have a lot of knowledge to do that in smarter way.

Which are the strengths of Finland and Southwest Finland in this sector?

We have in-depth knowledge of both battery technologies but also the use of batteries in a wide variety of applications and use cases.

How could eFlowHub cluster accelerate the competitiveness of Finland / Southwest Finland in the industry?

By combining companies to find each other’s and to find shared projects/customers. We have strategic co-operation with few companies and I am happy to open doors to them.

What kind of co-operation opportunities and partners are you interested in?

We have deep know-how on limited areas, and we have solution for smart Lithium battery usage in certain areas. All kind of co-operation is ok for us, common customer cases would be great way to start.