eFlow Hub partners in spotlight – InterControl Oy

The fifth article in our partner presentations is about InterControl Oy.

13.10.2021 News

InterControl Oy is a Turku-based specialist of cleaner traffic and high power charging. It offers high-quality EV charging solutions and services for professionals in the Nordic and Baltic regions. DC chargers 75–300 kW in particular are the main strength of the company. During the winter 2021/22 the product range will also include the market’s first small 50 kW DC charger to be hung on the wall, as well as an 11 kW DC charger starting in-house.

InterControl was established 2011 and since 2014 the company has focused on EV-charging sector. The growth of turnover has been quick: In 2020 it was 2,7 Million, this year it is expected to be 5,5 Million and 2022 more than 10 Million euros. At the moment InterControl employees nine persons.

In this interview the answers are given by Sales and Product Manager Kim Lindholm.

How do you see the future of battery technology / electric mobility?
Charging and battery technology will develop significantly and grow very fast.

Which are the strengths of Finland and Southwest Finland in this sector?
Extensive business network and expertise in the area. Also an excellent location in the middle of the Nordic and Baltic countries, everywhere is easy to go.

How could eFlowHub cluster accelerate the competitiveness of Finland / Southwest Finland in the industry?
If companies truly collaborate and the collaboration is marketed effectively, then opportunity will be significant.

What kind of co-operation opportunities and partners are you interested in?
Anyone who is interested in vehicle charging and needs High Power Chargers or middle or low power DC-chargers.

Something else you would like to inform in this short company presentation?
We also have the widest busbar range on the market from 40 amps to 6300 amps. Also, we have more than 40 years of experience in transformers and their manufacture.