eFlow Hub partners in spotlight: Etteplan

In this series we present companies and other organisations involved in eFlowHub. The first in the spotlight is Etteplan Oyj.  

27.05.2021 News

Etteplan Oyj is established in 1983. The company provides solutions for software and embedded solutions, solutions for industrial equipment and plant engineering and technical documentation solutions to the world’s leading companies in the manufacturing industry. Etteplan’s services are geared to improve the competitiveness of customers’ products, services, and engineering processes throughout the product life cycle. The results of Etteplan’s innovative engineering can be seen in numerous industrial solutions and everyday products.

Etteplan’s turnover is 260 million euros and it has a staff of 3 300 people.

Arttu Kalliovalkama, Director, Service Solutions, and Jani Särkijärvi, Department Manager, answered to our questions about future visions of batteries and electric mobility and the eFlow Hub.

How do you see the future of battery technology / electric mobility?
The industry is under a significant transformation. Sustainability and the need for energy efficiency are driving the usage of battery electrified equipment and vehicles. Electrification with batteries enables true energy optimisation in all the equipment we use and operate. It enables energy balancing in cyclic usage in small handheld devices as well as in mining machinery and in electricity networks and infrastructure. Full electrification of equipment will also present a true possibility for algorithm-based optimisation for connected smart machinery, which enables our development towards operator assistance and autonomous operations in industry and transportation.

Which are the strengths of Finland and Southwest Finland in this sector?  
In this area we have a good combination of battery developers / manufacturers as well as battery operated equipment and machinery developers and manufacturers. A good history with mobile devices and related software development, creates an excellent background to become the leading area for the development of battery based industry.

How could eFlowHub cluster accelerate the competitiveness of Finland and Southwest Finland in the industry? 
In Finland, we have excellent competencies and several international level companies working on battery electrified equipment. As battery electrification is a global trend we need to compete in the global market. eFlowHub should be able to promote local battery competencies internationally so that it attracts the best talents and best users for battery development.

What kind of co-operation opportunities and partners are you interested in? 
Etteplan is a service provider with excellent competencies with batteries and related applications. We are looking for partners, with whom we can together utilize and further develop these competencies and support our partners with the on-going industrial transformation.

Something else you would like to inform or tell in this presentation? 
Simulation plays an important role when developing electrified vehicles. Etteplan has developed simulation competences and methods that are suitable for electrified equipment. Our simulation capabilities cover EMC, Thermal and Vibration simulations, as well as Fatigue from component level to system level.  Simulations can also be combined with Etteplan’s in-house testing capabilities.